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I love to tell stories, real life stories. I guess you could call me a storyteller. I believe that we learn about life and choices through experience, whether it is our own or hearing someone else’s journey. I love to ask questions about someone’s life and I would rather listen than talk. I'm so excited to share with you the stories of my friends and people I meet in my travels, but also my own story. I have been blessed throughout my life but have also had some difficult moments and seasons that have challenged my faith, but have ultimately made me grow in love and understanding. Perspective is everything! My heart for you is that you will be encouraged and inspired, that creativity would start to grow, and joy and excitement for the future would bubble up! Enjoy!


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My space to share my thoughts about life, God and everything else.


One grain of sand can so irritate the oyster that the oyster then releases a substance that coats the sand, creating a pearl. We all have “sand” in our lives that create irritations, hardships, struggles and it is our decision how we respond to those things. If we respond with patience, love, understanding and strength, we create pearls; pearls of wisdom.

thank you for being a part of my story. love, angela