In my early 20’s I worked for a Christian organization/ministry. It was such an amazing time of my life. My job was an Event Coordinator and it consisted of me travelling all over Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. I loved it. I loved it because I was able to travel with my friends, who were also my co-workers, meet new people, see new places, travel (I love airports, they are my favorite!) and also see God move in people, in families, churches and towns. I am ever so thankful for that time of my life.

One morning, very early I might add, our team was driving to the airport as we were going to another event we were putting on in America. There were about 12 of us in a large van and we drove to the airport as the sun was rising. Usually those rides are a bit quieter as we are all still waking up. I have an obsession with early mornings, I adore them, but even I know when to respect the not so morning people! However, on this day we seemed to be a bit more chatty and we ended up talking about the love of God, what it meant, what the value of it was, the depths, the extent and so on. You get it and you also know we only scraped the surface of the topic, as this topic of His love has no bottom or no limit to it! That’s how good His love is! The atmosphere in the van was so electric because talking about His love calls in His presence.

We arrived at the airport in Vancouver, and because of all the times we travelled we became familiar with the Border Guards that worked at the airport. Not a familiarity where we were like, “Hey, how’s it going…how was your weekend?”, but it was more so that we knew their faces, as they were the same ones to work customs at the airport. We all got in line to go through customs, and as I waited in line I noticed a border guard that I had not seen before. He was new to the scene or he was just new to me. I liked the look of him, he seemed friendly and kind. He was an older man with grey hair and his face was bright. To describe it I would say his face shone as though he was reflecting the sun. I said in my heart, “I hope he calls me over.” Interesting how “light” attracts people!

I was next to be called. I saw all the familiar faces and I saw the new man with the bright face. “Next”, said the man who seemed to stare at the sun. My heart jumped! Why I was so excited to be questioned about my intentions in America is beyond me!

I will describe the conversation to you in exact detail as I know that moment was etched into my heart.

I walked to the booth and handed him my passport and my boarding pass.

Border Guard (BG) – “Hello, where are you going today?”

Me – “Harrisburg, Pennsylvania”

BG – “What’s in Harrisburg?”

(I never saw him scan my passport, he could have and I might have missed it, but I never saw it happen)

Me – “I’m going to a Christian conference.”

BG – “Let me ask you a question.”

(I was preparing for questions to do with my trip or my travel)

Me – “Ok”

BG – “Should Christians love those who are Buddhists?”

Me – silent/shocked that this was the question he asked me, however I knew the answer wholeheartedly

Me – “Of course we should. We should love everyone no matter what they believe.”

BG – silence, looked at me

BG – “You are one of the few Christians that have answered this question correctly when I’ve asked them.”

Me – “That is very sad to hear.”

BG – He handed me back my passport but he wasn’t done. With his shiny, glowy face he looked at me and with a smile on his face and with a hand extended that I took and responded to with a handshake, he said to me….

BG – “Thank you for what you are doing for the Kingdom of God.”

Did I hear that right? I took my documents and I smiled at this man that seemed to reflect the sun. It wasn’t just his face that reflected light but it was his countenance that told me he might not be of this world. I walked forward into America.

I found it fascinating that I had just left a van where our topic of discussion was the Love of God and now I was just questioned by a “man” who seemed to have information about our conversation and wanted to test me. I apparently passed as he said I had answered it correctly.

I had to tell the team! I am a bit of a conservative type, and so I knew this moment allowed me running through the airport to tell my friends, but I refrained and only walked quickly, very quickly! They were at the gate. I told them what had just happened and my words were laced with excitement, awe, energy and wonder. As I spoke and described what had just happened, as I mulled it all over in my heart and mind, I slowly thought to myself, “What if this new border guard wasn’t just a new man working a shift at the airport, but what if he was an angel? Why did his face look like it reflected the sun or was somewhat transparent? How did he have the inside scoop on our earlier conversation? Did he scan my passport? Why did he use the lingo, “Kingdom of God”? How did he even know what I did for the Kingdom? I could be a very lazy person when it came to that (even though I know I am not!), but he didn’t know that. Why did he shake my hand? I am pretty sure Border Guards aren’t allowed to touch you unless they state that they will or ask you for permission? (I have no idea what the actual rules are). All of these questions flooded my mind and my only conclusion was that he was an angel. I could be very wrong in my conclusion, but I would rather believe that God brought a piece of Heaven to speak with me, and confirm a subject so dear to His heart and that is His love. I will go forward in life saying that it was an angel on that day that asked me about God’s love, told me I answered right and went ahead and thanked me for what I was doing for God. What an astounding thought and emotion to know that I am doing something for God and Heaven has noticed it!

I never saw him again. I continued travelling and going through the same border, with the same border guards and I never saw him again. You are free to believe what you would like but I am going to believe that he was an angel.

Even if all he was to do was to confirm with me the discussion I had before and to encourage me in it, I am happy and thrilled by that. However, I have come to know in life that when people ask you a question that seems to have much meaning, it is because you need to learn something.

What did I need to learn?

I knew about God’s love for me and for others. (I am still seeing the vastness of this to this day). Why did he ask me if “Christians” were to love “Buddhists”?

Was I missing something and that’s why he asked me?

To be continued…..(in the next post, which will be in “Thoughts”)