Hope pulled me through; hope pushes me on.

When I say I HOPE in things, am I hoping in them, wanting them or wishing for them?

The last year of my life, HOPE has been a very strong ingredient to my every day. I walked through a relationship ending (I may chat about this in another post one day) and needless to say it was tough. I had to deal with emotions that I didn’t know I had. I refer to this time in my life because it is the latest challenge that confronted my HOPE placement.

So when I say, “HOPE pulled me through and HOPE pushes me on”, it is absolute truth to me. I learned a lesson that involved where I put my HOPE. My confident expectation in God pulled me through; my confident expectation in God pushes me on! When I spoke of HOPE to those around me, I was never referring to “hoping the relationship would revive itself”, however when I spoke of “HOPE” it was always referring to “my HOPE is in God, my HOPE is that He will work everything out according to His BEST plan for me.” I only know in part, I see what is in front of me but He sees it all. He sees down the road, He knows what will flourish me! I trust Him.

Is “wanting” HOPE?

We can all want something so bad; a relationship, a job promotion, a win, an item of clothing, a relationship to mend, an adventure in life, the list goes on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with “wanting”. I believe it can be healthy, but we usually phrase it as “HOPE”. My only challenge to you is this, what happens if you don’t get the “want” that could be masquerading as “HOPE”? Is your life over? Are you devastated? Are you confused in your faith?

When I knew this relationship wouldn’t resurrect, I was disappointed (plus many other emotions) but I didn’t fall into a state of despair, I didn’t think my life was over, and I didn’t give up on my faith. I did know in the deepest core of myself that God had and has my back. My HOPE was always in Him, it wasn’t in the guy and it wasn’t in the relationship. When something doesn’t work out in my life, I have to take a step back and pause. I have a trial; I have an opportunity to grow in character. I am not void of emotion or the roller coaster of processing emotions. Goodness, the Lord knows I have processed, but the anchor through all the waves was knowing there was a plan for me that was orchestrated by a higher Love.

So when people hear me speak of HOPE in the form of a verse, a quote or even the necklace I wear; it has never been in reference to an individual or to a situation, BUT it has always been in reference to my God because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if my HOPE is in Him I shall never be disappointed. I quote those verses and wear that necklace because I stand strong in the placement of my HOPE. Key of Hope

If I place my HOPE in God, in His love, in His purposes and plans for me, I shall not be disappointed, I shall not worry and I shall not strive. However, if I place my HOPE in man, in a situation, in a relationship, I have a chance of being disappointed. My overall HOPE is set higher than man, than a situation.

I am continually developing HOPE inside of me; I am able to do this when faced with all different kinds of challenging situations. From a relationship ending, a family member needing healing, difficulty at work or a friend that needs a victory in their life, all of these are my trials to grow. It’s a choice to make, HOPE or fear. (Hint: choose HOPE!) So whatever trials or hardships you are facing, these are opportunities for you to develop and mature your HOPE.

I looked up the meaning of HOPE and the definition I liked the most was, “A feeling of trust’. You know what happens when you have that feeling/knowing of trust running through your veins? You run, you risk, you jump, you leap, and you thrive! You understand that even though some things won’t go as you thought they would, you know even more that it all works out for the good; it will advance you, promote you and change you. Trust will always create an atmosphere of safety, a safety that you can be yourself. If trust isn’t there you won’t be vulnerable, you won’t develop and you would have a hard time hoping. My trust creates HOPE, which then allows me to be confident because I know it will always work out the best way, for I have placed it in the right Source!

I challenge you to ask yourself where you place your HOPE. In man? In a situation? In God?

We need to be people that have HOPE, happy HOPE! This is built and strengthened through trials and testing. The world needs to see the steadfastness of the one who has been through such difficulties and yet can still say, “He’s good and I am happy. It may look bleak but I know it will change.” It is hard to relate to someone who hasn’t been through difficulty but we can all relate to those who have journeyed through trials. I would rather take advice from those who walk through the fire with HOPE and come out with a greater amount of it, a HOPE that is so inside the core of them and is the essence of who they are. They have a confident expectancy, they are certain. I am always drawn to the person that is steadfast, knows long-suffering, perseverance and their countenance SCREAMS HOPE! Your family, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, town, city, country and the world are all searching for this. Be the person that they see HOPE in. Be the person that draws them to the “door of HOPE”.

“…we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulations produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, HOPE.” (Romans 5:4)

It’s a tough lesson at times, but worth the revelation and perspective shift that will come to you. HOPE does not disappoint. (Romans 5:5)

In my desert, God gave me a door of HOPE. (Hosea 2:15)

My confident expectation is in Him.

Hope pulled me through; hope pushes me on.


My key to the door of Hope. This necklace is made by “The Giving Keys” (“When you get this key you must give it away at some point to a person you feel needs the message.”). I encourage you to check out their site! You won’t be disappointed!