I have not written in awhile. Life has been a bit busy and I am walking into another few busy weeks. I’m moving. Not city or country but to another part of the city I live in. As I was making the decision to see whether I should move and live on my own again, (I currently live with the best roommate EVER!), I had this thought, “I never hang pictures on my walls.” I thought about all the past locations that I have lived and I honestly don’t think I have ever hung a picture on my walls. Correction, I do remember one picture I hung, it was of a bird and I hung it in my bathroom other than that… I don’t remember embracing this part of my decorating endeavors at past homes. I love art; I studied art in college. I love pictures and photos; my family accuses me of stealing all of theirs. I took a photography course; I love capturing moments.  When I venture to home decor stores or any other location that holds pictures and art to purchase, I stop and look and get lost in the imagery before me. I just never buy or hang pictures.

So after making this realization, I of course had to stop and analyze this as I agree with all of you reading this that it is weird. Let’s look at my childhood, as that is where all thought patterns start right!? (a bit of sarcasm and humor there). Growing up my family moved a lot, not every year, but in segments of every 5-10 years but we always had pictures on the walls. My dad is a builder, an incredible builder. He has built homes for us that have been so beautiful and every detail thought out. He is a master builder and steers away from the cookie cutter homes and clings to building homes that have cutting edge design and details that only people of his skill would notice. (Dad brag over). However, because of his desire to build us homes we moved. We didn’t move streets but we moved cities and with that came new schools, new friends, new church, and new everything! I imagine the notion of “Don’t get attached to a place” set in. I actually do not believe that the moving was completely damaging. I love experiencing new places and adventures, maybe that is the positive side of moving so much as a child. But I do think that it may have contributed to my ability of not hanging pictures on the walls.

I am a dreamer. I have always escaped reality through my dreams and my imagination. I don’t say it proudly, I say it honestly and I am working every day to be present and to invest in my reality instead of dreaming of far off places. It’s a work in progress and it is getting better!  But I am really good at escapism and vacating. It was a trait I learned young that I am doing my best at unwinding. Dreaming is great and needed but escapism is not healthy. I have now come to the conclusion after all the analyzing and here it is (probably very clear to the reader!): my trend of not hanging pictures is fruit of learning not to get attached to a home, a location, a community in case the need to move is right around the corner. Said it! If you live in a home with no pictures hung on the walls that is totally ok, simplicity is another beautiful style!  But  for me, I know the reason is rooted in something different.

So when I move to the new place, I will be hanging pictures. In fact, I am currently shopping for pictures and art to hang on the walls of my new home. I will be present there, instead of dreaming of another place. I will invest in creating a cozy and warm environment that enables me to dream from a secure and content place. If moving to another city or country calls, then I will take the pictures off my walls so I can pack them and then unpack them in a new home and hang them on the walls.

Conclusion: be present. Be content. Invest. We all are guilty of wanting something better or desiring a place that answers all of our needs and wants. We want a quick fix. We see what we think we want on social media. We see people posting pictures of dinners with friends, an amazing time at church, a coffee in a trendy location, a relationship that has the best lighting and angle, we see what we don’t have. We dream of being in those people’s photos. But here’s the thing, those people have probably learnt the art of contentment, of investing, of reaping, putting in the hard work that goes with building a life that you desire and have dreamed of. They did the work. They are present. So if you desire their life, then you will always be desiring it, you will never arrive. You only arrive at your dreams when you learn to invest into today, when you do the hard work of building a community, and learn to do life with those around you. (I am definitely going to write another post about this topic as it’s a crushing and somewhat debilitating trend that is happening in our society today)

Hanging pictures and art on a wall in my home will always symbolize to me that I am committed to the place I am in, I am content where God has brought me and I am willing to invest in the “home” I live. I am sure it is a lesson God has been trying to teach me but it’s through His grace that I have arrived at the lesson today and am learning the will of His heart.

I’m not saying stop dreaming, goodness that would depress me! I am saying be present and hang a beautiful picture on your wall that causes you to dream of adventures and hopes while you sit on a couch that has become a place of peace, contentment and community.

A thought for the day!