It has been awhile since I have written anything or posted any stories. I apologize! Life got carried away!

It’s a New Year. We all start the New Year with new dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires and that is the beauty of a new year. It’s a new start, a fresh start. It’s similar to when snow falls. The feeling of snow is that everything is clean again; everything has purity about it that it normally does not hold. Snow reminds me of grace; a fresh covering of something so pure that enables us to look at a situation, a season or a trial with new eyes.

2015 was one of the busiest years I have had in a long while. I continued to walk out a healing of my heart, I started pursuing my desire of writing, then I started this blog which shocked me at how much time is required to keep on top of it (honestly, I became overwhelmed at how much I was “supposed to” produce so my blog would remain “popular”). I traveled; oh did I travel! I became a youth leader and that opened the door to be able to speak at events. Oh, and I moved! I walked through and am walking through some things with people in my life that requires support, prayers, encouragement and just being there for them no matter what. 2015 has been busy; full of highlights, lows, tears, laughter, questions, conversations, growth (I hope) and dreaming. At the end of 2015 I felt exhausted; physically and emotionally. I am still pleased and satisfied with the year and am extremely thankful for what the year gave me!

I did not party the New Year in, I was supposed to, but family is a higher priority to me and I NEEDED to be there with them. I slept the last hours of 2015 away and awoke to a new day, a new year, 2016. Yesterday’s issues and questions were still there BUT “The Changing” had happened. The Changing happened as I slept, as I rested, as I closed off my mind, my worries, my stresses and entered into rest. The turning of a year to a new year happened. It happened without my effort, without my strength. I slept. He changed it. I rested. He turned the year. I surrendered. He brought in the new. How symbolic and how powerful to know that I need not strive, He does it all. (Applying that to life’s issues!)

Even though yesterday’s struggles have entered in to today, there is a fresh grace, a new insight and outlook that a new year gives you.

My hope for my 2016 (and for everyone else’s) are that my eyes would continue to hold the perspective that a New Year gives us, that I would continue to see with eyes full of grace, with surrender, with hope and with love. I want my faith to be stronger than any other time in my life, my trust to go deep. My source has always been Jesus. Always. However, I feel that I have done a lot in my life out of my own strength, even the way I think or pray; my strength has been involved. I know this year I am called to surrender more, but I know specifically it is my mind I need to surrender to God, my worries, my thoughts, my anxieties and the way I mentally process situations. ALL of it. Surrender. Surrendering it all. Allowing peace to enter into my thought process. A large task!

On the blog front, I have realized I need to adjust things as writing is not my full time job (yet!). It has been difficult to live up to the pressure that is created when people mention that you should post 2-3 times a week! That is a lot of writing and a lot of interviewing! Letting go of the pressures and expectations is something I have had to do and I really just want to hear the heart of God as to how this blog should be (while not creating an exhausting cycle for myself).

I hope to release one to two stories a month but also post my own thoughts and writings, from a personal point of view. I have a wonderful friend, Kathleen, who is helping me format a new site that will make it more simple and easy to see what is new and current. My heart has always been to encourage people with where they are at, because in the darkest place of our lives is the place that sometimes only words of hope and love can pierce. That is my hope with this blog; whether they are my own words or words of amazing people I have the privilege of interviewing, they are words of HOPE!

May this New Year be wrapped in His arms and may you surrender to His embrace. God’s love is so great for you. May 2016 be filled with His wonder and His awe. He is just so good!

Happy NEW Year!